Janet Griffiths


    “Janet, I always look forward to your visit because you bring order into the endless confusion,which is my paperwork!

    As you know I prefer to just get on with delivering our product and you really do help me to do that.

    Many thanks"


    ‘’Janet is hard working, efficient and hugely flexible. A big bonus for me as she works around my erratic work hours and availability.

I can happily leave her to sort through endless book keeping headaches and she puts them all in to order without a murmur of complaint!’’


I have found Janet to be hard working and organized ensuring that she completes the work for me on a timely basis keeping the clients books up to date. Janet has a detailed approach and makes sure that the records are as accurate as they can be given the varying circumstances that she faces sometimes in terms of availability of information. She will always ring me if she is unsure of how to treat something in the course of preparing the accounts and processing the source information.

Accountant - I have worked for his clients.